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 new rear bushes-hillbilly style

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new rear bushes-hillbilly style Empty
PostSubject: new rear bushes-hillbilly style   new rear bushes-hillbilly style I_icon_minitime27.05.09 3:25

as some of you know it went into mot and failed miserably, but that mot was more to see what needs doing etc

the main things on the list was emissions, rear bushes, adjust the headlights and new rear exhaust hanger (there was more but they no biggy)

the reson the emissions are out is i believe the choke isnt switching off due to the loom/ecu, so il be geting that sorted asap

the rear bushes, oh what fun i had there, as i did not have the right tools to do the job, heres my head mechanic assesing the situation now its up on axel stands in the garage, turnes out the bushes indeed wer fubard

new rear bushes-hillbilly style 20052009086

as i did not have the 'proper' tool to get the bushes out, after alot of swearing and blood, this how they looked after they came out, a new one is on the right for comparison and i also included in the pic my bush removal tool

new rear bushes-hillbilly style 20052009088

then after even more swearing and hitting my hand with a hammer REALY hard i attempted to put the new bush in, with out a press it was impossable...so i invented one

new rear bushes-hillbilly style 25052009090

new rear bushes-hillbilly style 25052009092

now all i needed to do was tighten the bolt up and tease it in with a hammer with some gentle (forcefull) persuasion

while the axel was off i decided it was the perfect time to fit my new rear coilovers, heres the old ones

new rear bushes-hillbilly style 20052009087

and the new which i also lowered an extra 10mm from what they wer before, then may go lower depending how it looks after they settle and the installs in, i also now have a set of adjustable rear coilovers for sale, nothing wrong with em, i only changed them coz i had the new ones and wanted to match the ones on the front, heres the new anyway

new rear bushes-hillbilly style 25052009093
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new rear bushes-hillbilly style
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