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 Ibiza Cupra TDI

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Ibiza Cupra TDI Empty
PostSubject: Ibiza Cupra TDI   Ibiza Cupra TDI I_icon_minitime04.12.09 9:13

As a few of you prob guessed i have got rid of my 380bhp ibiza mk3 cupra, bored of it realy as it was a waste of time unless on motoway as it would wheel spin in the dry in 4th!

so thought long and hard what to get next.....

i do like seats as they are great value for money and look very sporty.

so i went for a ibiza cupra derv mk4 160bhp 260 torque standard.

had it mapped with rpm yesterday and...........what a difference in power and low down grunt!

plans are to fit a single mass fly wheel and a stage 3 clutch fit a hybrid and hoping to get 230bhp with 400 torque

very impressed with it as it is as it drops my mates civic type r up to 110mph then he comes past.

also cant get over how cheap parts are to buy compared to my mk3 cupra petrol

230 bhp will be 600 for clutch and flywheel
500 for turbo
and say 300 for mapping
decat - free

so around 1400 and i get a very fast tractor!
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Ibiza Cupra TDI
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